About us


Dia Behbehani Co. has been in the sports and fitness industry for over ten years, undergoing stable and consistent growth, and making itself as one of the leading sports companies in the country.


With a 1300 square meters area, Dia Behbehani Co. is opening one of the biggest showrooms in Kuwait, boasting internationally recognized brands such as Technogym.


Dia Behbehani Co. offers various designs of fitness equipment for rehabilitation centers, private homes, hotels, spas and gyms.


In order to maintain the high quality of its brands, Dia Behbehani Co. guarantees its customers routine maintenance.


Our Objectives

1. Performance at the higest levels to ensure satisfaction from all our customers.

2. Achievement of projects in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

3. Operational and professional excellence.

4. Guarantee the highest quality products.

5. Continuous maintenance to ensure high standard service.

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