The most complete wellness equipment, providing 25 different exercises without the need to change a single element.
All the opportunities offered by the gym, now at home for the first time. The UNICA is designed and realized according to biomechanical principles, using the same materials as commercial gym equipment.

More details

  1. 1.25 different exercises without modifying any element, but just selecting by the desired load.
  2. 2.All the exercises are guided and preset, which is ideal for users of all levels.
  3. 3.Helps the user assume physiologically correct positions.
  4. 4.Adjustable seat for users 150-210 cm tall.
  5. 5.Easy-start mechanism ensures correct and safe use of the equipment.
  6. 6.Involves all the principal muscles of the body to help achieve excellent results in a short amount of time.
  7. 7.High quality design to complement all interiors .
  8. 8.Design based on biomechanical principles guarantees safe training and minimises the risk of muscle damage or inflamed joints.

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