Group Cycle: Italian Cycling Experience. Unique design, exceptional fit and exquisite attention to quality and detail.

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Unbeatable quality
The light but solid high quality aluminum frame makes the bike resistant to corrosion and easy to care for.

The best Italian design tradition
Smooth surfaces, soft edges and bold colors make Group Cycle the ultimate in Italian design.

Easy to move and adjust
Integrated wheels make Group Cycle easy to move and position anywhere in your workout area. Also, the patent-pending Fast&Simple Setting System ensures fast and simple set-up.

The perfect fit for everyone
Group Cycle accommodates users of various heights and body types. The vertical handlebar adjustment, along with the horizontal and vertical seat adjustments, accommodate various training positions.

Up to the challenge
Choose your training pace and intensity by varying uphill and downhill conditions just like in road cycling.

The multigrip handlebar design will increase rider comfort and training variety.

Group Cycle Benefits

Regular aerobic sessions with Group Cycle can help you:

  • Keep your cardiovascular system healthy
  • Strengthen your legs and glutes
  • Improve and maintain your physique
  • Manage your weight
  • Maintain joint mobility
  • Improve your posture
  • Decrease your mental stress and tension level
  • Height (mm | in): : 1040 | 47
  • Length (mm | in): : 595 | 23
  • Weight (kg | lb): : 61 | 134
  • Width (mm | in): : 1170 | 46

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